Tromp Bakery Equipment offers Bread Production Lines and Equipment. All our Bread Production Lines and Equipment are designed according the highest HACCP / USDA standards. The equipment, conveyors and change parts are easy to dismount (without tools) and made of high quality stainless steel. All controls are computerized and operated by means of one or more Touch Screen Control Panels.

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Stokbrood Stokbrood Stokbrood Baguette

Baguettes Production Lines are often based on a Laminator in combination with a Baguette Moulding Section. Using different sets of Moulding Equipment and Cutters different product-sizes are possible. Using water cutting equipment it is possible to decorate the dough before baking.


Flat Breads

Tromp Bakery Equipment offers a wide range of flat bread lines, in combination with Tromp Group Partners complete Turn-Key lines with Make-Up, Proofing and Baking.



Loaf bread Loaf bread

The decoration of Bread can done by means of Water Cutters decorating a proofen tin bread or baguettes. Strewing systems are available for sprinkling seeds, nuts, flour and other decoration. 

Toasted / Loaf Bread

Loaf bread Loaf bread Laof bread Loaf bread Loaf bread Loaf bread Loaf bread Loaf bread

For the production of toasted and loaf breads Tromp uses the sheeting principle. A (laminated) dough is sheeted out to the required thickness and then cut into the required parts. The dough pieces are then moulded and positioned into pans or forms automatically.


Artisan / Ciabatta

Chiabatta Chiabatta Chiabatta Chiabatta Chiabatta   Chiabatta

The Tromp Artisan and Ciabatta Lines are also based on the sheeting principle. Here a low stress dough extruder forms a dough sheet which is than sheeted to the required thickness in several steps. By means on cutters and guillotines the required shape is formed. After decoration the products are ready to be transferred to the proofer.



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